Jamila Sallali

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2017


Jamila Sallali grew up at the windy coastal side of the Netherlands. She has always been intrigued by law and justice. For that reason, Jamila studied International and European Law and is specialized in Public International Law and Human Rights. Her main interests are civil and political rights, gender equality, children's rights and alternative dispute settlement. What triggered her motivation to become an ambassador of human rights are the injustices that vulnerable groups, in often conflict-torn, but also developed societies, suffer from, due to lack of providing equal (access to) justice. For Jamila, this is simply unacceptable. She strongly believes that making positive change starts with the people themselves. For 2.5 years, Jamila worked at HiiL on access to justice projects in Mali, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine and the UAE, in collaboration with the Dutch MFA and various embassies and international donors. She strives to keep fighting for equality and RoL.


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