Our Team

2014 Staff Picture

Humanity in Action has staff in the United States, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Below, you will find the names and contact information for all of our staff members.

United States

Judith Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director

j.goldstein [at] humanityinaction.org

Bob Viola, Chief Financial Officer

b.viola [at] humanityinaction.org

Anthony Chase, Director of Programs

a.chase [at] humanityinaction.org 

Yulia Shalomov, Coordinator of Admissions and Administration

y.shalomov [at] humanityinaction.org

Tanya Washington, John Lewis Fellowship Program Director

t.washington [at] humanityinaction.org  

Beverly Li, Program Associate

b.li [at] humanityinaction.org


Martine Alonso Marquis, Pat Cox-Humanity in Action Fellowship Director

m.alonsomarquis [at] humanityinaction.org 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jasmin Hasic, National Director

j.hasic [at] humanityinaction.org 

Maida Omercehajic, Project Coordinator

m.omercehajic [at] humanityinaction.org

Daniel Lazarevic, Project Assistant

d.lazarevic [at] humanityinaction.org


Emilie Bang-Jensen, National Director



Christopher Mesnooh, Chairman 

chairman.france [at] humanityinaction.org


Antje Scheidler, National Director & International Director of European Programs

a.scheidler [at] humanityinaction.org

Johannes Lukas Gartner, Director of Programs

j.gartner [at] humanityinaction.org

Nora Lassahn, Program Coordinator

n.lassahn [at] humanityinaction.org

The Netherlands

Inger Schaap, National Director

i.schaap [at] humanityinaction.org


Monika Mazur-Rafal, National Director and President of the Managing Board of Humanity in Action Poland   

m.rafal [at] humanityinaction.org

Magda Szarota, Board Member/Communications Director

m.szarota [at] humanityinaction.org

Przemek Iwanek, Program Manager/Social Media Director

p.iwanek [at] humanityinaction.org