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Critical Mass realized that instead of only focusing on conflicts abroad, it was important to reflect on the presence of violent conflicts in The Netherlands itself. Read More

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Interview with Ai Weiwei - A Sneak Peak

Reknowned Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei sat for a one-on-one interview with Humanity in Action Founder and Executive Director Judith Goldstein to discuss the role of art and… Read More

Statement on Family Separation on the U.S. Border

There are many lessons Humanity in Action Fellows have studied in the histories of our member countries. One is that building camps to hold innocents should always raise acute… Read More

Humanity in Action's 2018 John Lewis Fellowship

The 2018 John Lewis Fellowship in Atlanta begins in three weeks. This year's edition will scrutinize the past 50 years since 1968, or "Human Righs Year", as designaed by… Read More

Humanity in Action Announces the Publication of the 2018 European Fellowship Agendas

June 12, 2018 -- Humanity in Action is pleased to announce the publication of the 2018 European Fellowship agendas. Each national program has worked diligently to create… Read More

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